Inonotus Obliquus

Chaga is the King of Mushrooms. Known in Siberia as "Gift of God," China calls it "King of Plants" and in Japan it's described as the "Diamond of the Forest." Since the 16th century Chaga has been used across the globe in Europe, Canada and Russia to benefit the body's physical and mental well being. Containing one of the highest amounts of anti-oxidant compounds, Chaga is an Adaptogen, a substance which modifies the human body's response to stress. It's most powerful in holistic culture having many valuable nutrients including Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Betulin, Betulinic acid, Polysaccharides, Beta Glucans, Chitin, Tripertenes, Sterols, vitamins and minerals. Of all foods in the world, Chaga has one of the highest levels of Melanin, the same compound which is the main pigment of human skin, hair, retina of the eye and neurons within the brain stem. The vital phytonutrients cause unhealthy cells to self destruct, leaving  good cells to flourish. Chaga is categorized as Food by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) by the World Health Organization with no side effects or toxicity. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." To find out more about this forest wonder please visit other Chaga informational websites.    

Health Benefits: Cellular, Endurance, Nourish eyes, hair and skin, Immune System,  Heart, Healthy Aging, Core Vitality, Digestive Tract

Chaga Haus offers 100% Chaga, harvested, sun dried, chopped and carefully inspected, used to make tasty wellness elixirs, teas, mix with coffee and cocoa, use as broth for soups and stews or for baking. Our natural, organic products are from all over the world, handpicked and cut perfectly for brewing. Try a cup of Chaga tea, one of our herbal tea blends, Chaga Body Oil or anti-aging Chaga Face Cream.

Suggested Use: For a nutritious wellness Elixir or tea 

1 cup Chaga

20-24 cups water in crockpot or pot

Cook as decoction on Low, Do Not Boil

Brew to dark brown

Drink hot or chilled

Reuse Chaga 3 X or more

*Never throw  out 

 (good for plants, gardens or animals)

6% of profits are donated to childhood cancer charity.

I have given you every plant yielding seed on the face of the earth, and every tree with seed in it's fruit. You shall have them for food. 

Genesis 1:29.

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Medicinal Mushrooms


Open up your world... the natural way. Many forest mushrooms are super foods that heal and fuel the human body with important nutritient rich elements. Transform yourself to a state of wellness with wholesome goodness from trees, the largest strongest oldest living organisms on earth. Wellness mushrooms we supply:

  1. Inonotus Obliquus                       Chaga    
  2. Trametes Versicolor                   Turkey Tail
  3. Fomes Fomentarius                    Horse Hoof
  4. Ganoderma Applanatum         Artist Conk
  5. Ganoderma Lucidum                  Reishi
  6. Piptoporus Betulinus                 Birch Polypore

Holistic Healing


Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine,"  a physician in ancient Greece 400 B.C. emphasized a holistic approach, that the body heals itself best with the whole person, rather than focus on a specific illness, body part or symptom. The part can never be well unless the whole is well. Holistic health is a state of balance, interconnection of body, mind, spirit and environment. 

For thousands of years the importance of emotional & spiritual well being in achieving physical health has been recognized. We live in a time of great imbalance where pollutants, pesticides, hormones and chemicals are in our food and environment causing epidemic rates of chronic disease. There has never been a greater need for health as now. 

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Chaga Study (pdf)